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Founded in 2015, hap2U has built on several years of research and development and has multiple global patents in hardware and software based on the science of haptics.

The development team, based in Grenoble, France, brings complementary expertise in material science, haptics, acoustics, embedded systems, electronics, software development, and user experience to simplify, make more real and immersive the use of tactile interfaces.

Our mission

At hap2U, our vision is that our interactions with machines could be enhanced by a heightened sense of tactile feeling. It is reasonable to expect that most surfaces in the future will be turned into screens. Touch-screens, touch-pads and other control surfaces surround us in every sphere of our lives: in our mobile phones, our cars, our homes, in shops and sports centers etc. and also in industrial control applications.

Today, while these surfaces may already respond to touch, what our finger feels is mostly the cold, flat and inert surface of glass. hap2U makes it possible for application designers to present users with a variety of textures and tactile sensations.

Our technology clearly enhances the user experience in a multitude of consumer applications, brings safety on the roads by sending direct feedback without the driver having to take his eyes off the road, and clearly has specific value for the visually impaired.

Haptics is everywhere, and as pioneers, we have the opportunity to play an important role and invent what tomorrow holds for haptics. Our technology is so disruptive that we can only envisage how it will shape the world of displays in the future and improve our lives.