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Offer realistic and localized haptic feedback on your devices, for a dramatically improved user experience and immersion, while improving their design and durability.

A more intuitive laptop experience

Just imagine someone selecting an app, a menu or simply trying to use an electronic device in noisy or in harsh-lighting conditions, typically outdoors, how important the sense of touch can be to improve the overall user experience.

More intuitive

hap2U technology offers a truly intuitive experience when using your and laptop touchscreens. Direct information transfer between the display and finger tips. Beyond simply “seeing” and “hearing”, “touch” is now shaping a more intuitive experience for all users.

More accessible

Haptics screen surfaces give back control to the visually impaired. Thanks to hap2U technology, which offers more than simple interaction with our eyes, screens become totally accessible to the blind.

Waterproof devices and push buttons

Physical buttons are completely replaced by haptics touch buttons. Since physical buttons or switches are no longer required, there is no need for drilling into the products to add buttons, and thus no waterproofing issue.

This puts an end to the risk of water leaking into the electronics and limits breakability issues.

Haptic features

Reconfiguration of the keyboard

In the the near future, the mechanical keyboard of many laptops will be replaced by a touch-screen. The screen will either be able to offer a keyboard with an interactive trackpad, or become a large screen to watch videos with no keyboard. In order to offer the best comfort possible, hap2U will reproduce an interactive haptics feedback to adapt to these new uses

Cursor solutions

Users will be able to “feel” where the cursor is on the screen with a complete control of the trackpad. Forget the frustration of having a cursor not showing up on screen.

For gaming

Multi-haptics and video games: Get several different sensations that remain clearly distinct. For example, whilst the player’s right thumb will “sense” the steering wheel, the left thumb will “sense” the pressing of the accelerator pedal.

Advantages for manufacturers

Dramatically improves user experience and immersion

Ultrasonic haptics provide realistic and localized haptic feedback, delivered underneath fingers for a more realistic and localized user experience: only specific areas of the screen are vibrating, not just the whole casing.

Works in cold, hot and humid environments

The experience remains highly relevant in any weather condition (cold, humid or hot) and whether or not user fingers are wet or dry. This is not the case with vibrotactile (first generation haptics) and electrostatic (no sense of touch if fingers are wet) haptics technology.

hap2U uses piezoelectric actuators, electronic components made of ceramic material capable of changing shape when under electrical voltage. Motion and force are generated depending on the voltage applied. The vibration frequency can vary from 50 to 1000 per second.

Facilitates design and improves durability

  • Design attractive and seamless devices with any material (wood, glass, metal, or plastic)
  • Improve the durability of your devices by making them resistant to water, dust and other particles
  • Save on manufacturing costs by removing physical buttons

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