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Acoustics Engineer 

Your knowledge in the physics of wave propagation and signal processing will be needed to design and develop our products based on the control of ultrasonic vibrations created in multi-layered structures. This is the basis of the next generation of HMIs!

Mechanical/Acoustics Engineer specialized in numerical simulation  

As an expert in numerical simulation, you will be required to carry out optimisation studies both within the context of projects of product developments and in R&D developments. Your enthusiasm for solving complex problems and your willingness to participate in disruptive product developments will be key to your success.

Mechatronics Engineer

As a mechatronics engineer you will be at the edge of three worlds: the electronics, the mechanical integration and the acoustics. Your curiosity and your ability to take into account the multidimensional aspect of a system will be the key to your success.

Senior Electronic Designer

As the technical leader on the electronic system, you will be responsible for defining the roadmap, planning and organising resources appropriately. As you will be developing a system that has never been implemented before, a strong technical know-how and the ability to think out-of-the-box will be salient ingredients for your success.

Doctor in Acoustics

As a technical expert, you will be a reference for problem solving, development of new features and, in general, you will actively participate in the development of new products from laboratory scale to the mass production scale.