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HAP2U Team !

Passionate and committed, the Hap2U team grows bigger, join us in this adventure !

Our team.

Team Chappaz Cédrick

Cédrick Chappaz


Leading the company with a shared vision and expertise. French Entrepreneur and project leader for more than 25 years creating disruptive technologies.

Team Vikhrova Anne

Anne Vikhrova

User Experience Expert

PhD, the first step in our demo design process. She enjoys both illustration and integration, as well as the challenge of creating compelling visual and haptic user experiences. Coming to us from Canada with her great mood to enliven our demos and bring smiles to the team!

Team Reynal Baptiste

Baptiste Reynal

Software Engineer

Crafty computer engineer who loves games, he develops applications to showcase haptic technology.

Team Challiol Bruno

Bruno Challiol

Electronics, HMI & Embedded Director

Microelectronics/electronics senior engineer, committed to new technology and innovation, working to make hap2U a major player in its category.

Team Lamant Diane

Diane Lamant

Software developer

Full-stack developer, she hides dark chocolate in her desk and loves developing awesome demos.

Team Minair Franck

Franck Minair


Bringing financial & HR experience. He also oversees project management to improve the way we work together.

Team Henry Jean-Baptiste

Jean-Baptiste Henry

Industrialization manager

An engineer with a business side or a salesman with a technical side, he will do his best to guide you through our PoC projects!

Team Kipp Matthieu

Matthieu Kipp

Electronics Engineer

Size matters, but do not be mistaken ! Hidden behind his more than 2 meters are strongly tied his kindness, his hardware experience, and electronics skills. Some say he’s cheating on tarot, certainly just jealous guys.

Team Rupin Matthieu

Matthieu Rupin

Acoustics & Mechanics Director / Deputy CTO

Research engineer with experience in acoustics, uses skills in wave physics to lead hap2U R&D with an ambitious goal: provide best-quality haptic feedback to any surface.

Team Gaillard Maxime

Maxime Gaillard

Firmware Engineer

Embedded systems engineer with experiences in signal processing and innovation. He wants to bring hap2U’s ideas for haptic sensations to life

Team Harazi Maxime

Maxime Harazi

Acoustic Researcher

PhD, After a more than perfect academic career, he choose to bring his value to Hap2U in physics. If you don’t see him at work, you should find him several meters under the water with his wetsuit and his snorkel.

Team Cottin Bizonne Mickaël

Mickaël Cottin Bizonne

Firmware Engineer

Embedded Systems Engineer, a multi-instrumentalist providing rhythm to hap2U with haptics feedback.

Team Tingle Nick

Nick Tingle

Senior Electronics Engineer

Our seasoned microelectronic expert helps us developing our technology by bringing his experience and his legendary English humour!

Team Garcia Pierre

Pierre Garcia

PhD Student

Our King in the North, on his way to become a PhD in 3 years within a partner lab of Hap2U.

Team Monteillier Robert

Robert Monteillier

General Secretary

This former VP of Strategic Marketing at Schneider Electric has traveled across Asia for more than 20 years, becoming an expert in innovation and start-ups. Co-founder and long-time believer in Hap2U, He has finally seized the opportunity to join the team full-time.

Team Di Chiaro Romain

Romain Di Chiaro

Mechanical Technician

Brings precision and serenity while assembling, welding, milling, cutting, gluing, all that stuff which makes our product work.

Team Rouillère Simon

Simon Rouillère

Mechanical Technician

Electronics handyman & 3D creator, cleaning up the engineering oversights with his technical creativity and a bit of magic.

Team Commisso Soledad

Soledad Commisso

Material Expert

PhD, International expertise in elastic and viscoelastic materials, bringing her good mood, her cakes (waoh !) and her motivation to the team to run twice a week.

Team Privault Caroline

Caroline Privault

IP Manager

She is our patent queen. She has various herbal teas in her office for the greatest pleasure of the team.

Team Rolland Benoit

Benoit Rolland

Firmware Engineer

Embedded systems engineer who loves riding his motorbike!

Team Guedra Matthieu

Matthieu Guedra

Acoustic Researcher


Team Bucci Loïse

Loïse Bucci

Communication Officer

A few grams of creativity, skills and imagination... And Hop, that gives Hap2U's Communication Officer.

Team Heredia-Hildalgo Maxime

Maxime Heredia-Hildalgo

Firmware Engineer

Embedded systems engineer with 10 years of experiences! He's part of the motorbikers crew with Florian and Benoit!

Team Edmond Corentin

Corentin Edmond

Mechanical Technician

He is thankful to the photograph for this picture because he didn't sleep that much the night before!

Team Degabriel Florian

Florian Degabriel

Project Manager

Our industrial manager is a true globe trotter! He'd been expatriated for his last jobs in Finland, England and Russia!

Team Becker Steeve

Steeve Becker

Project Manager

He's a lively person who gets up every morning to discover, create and participate in every project. His many experiences are proof of this!

Team Chanal Anne-Laure

Anne-Laure Chanal


Team Flachat Rémi

Rémi Flachat

Acoustic Engineer

Team Chevrier Mathieu

Mathieu Chevrier

Mechanical Technician

Member of the hap2u motorcycle team.

Team Buisine François

François Buisine

Mechanical Team Leader

Team Ben Nasr Yoldez

Yoldez Ben Nasr

Electronic Engineer

Team Cayer-Barrioz Morgan

Morgan Cayer-Barrioz

Mechanical Technician

Team Cavallucci Gilles

Gilles Cavallucci

Business Development Officer

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Chef de Projet Senior – Automobile

Ingénieur/Ingénieure Dynamique des structures

Ingénieur/Ingénieure Dynamique des structures

Ingénieur/Ingénieure Matériaux


Ingénieur/Ingénieure en Acoustique

Ingénieur / Ingénieure en acoustique

Ingénieur/Ingénieure Systèmes Embarqués Confirmé

Ingénieur ingénieure qui participera à l’élaboration de l’électronique embarquée permettant de piloter notre système d’actionnement haptique.

Docteur en Acoustique H/F – CDI

Docteur en acoustique