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What is deep tech ?

Picture What is deep tech ?

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Some of you may have already heard about this word: deep tech. It seems trendy, and many technology start-ups talk about it. But in the end, its meaning is blurred. So…what is deep tech?

Deep tech refers to disruptive & innovative technologies which are changing our everyday behavior, our user experience. It’s not new; for example, personal computers or ebooks were disruptive. These days, many new innovations are emerging like augmented reallity, virtual reallity, big data, artificial intelligence, nanotechnologies and haptic technologies, to cite a few.

Deep tech companies have a more scientific approach than classic start-ups. They work closely with laboratories through partnerships to create new technologies. Many innovations have been created in laboratories. But researchers need economic and insdustrial partners to develop their ideas. It’s a win-win partnership: companies are testing the markets, and researchers are working on R&D in laboratories.

Hap2U can be considered as a deep tech start-up: we develop a new haptic technology which is changing the way to interact with tactile surfaces. We work in partnership with laboratories specializing in haptics to improve our haptic technology every day. Researchers can work on our demonstration and development kit, the Xplore Touch, to test their assumptions.

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