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#1 Haptics is coming – What is Haptics?

Are you interested in advanced haptic technology? Thanks to his experience, Dr. Cédrick Chappaz is telling you every secret of it !

What is the meaning of Hap2U?

[Cédrick Chappaz]: You have a clue in the brand name…

Hap2U comes from the old greek word « haptomai » which means everything that deals with the sens of touch.

How far haptics is useful in my everyday life?

[C.C.]: Without haptics you couldn’t drink a glass of wine or a cup of tea, you couldn’t type on a keyboard when yo push the buttons.

You couldn’t even walk!
Why? Because to walk you need some mechanoreceptors.

These mechanoreceptors convert mechanical informations into electrical informations. So there are convertors inside the body inside the skin.
And they are very powerful to give the right information to the muscles in order to walk efficiently.

How many mechanoreceptors do we have?

[C.C.]: On one palm hand, we have 18 000 mechanoreceptors!
It represents almost 31% of the total amount of the mechanoreceptors on the full body!
This is really significant, and this is why we do such a lot of things with our hands.

What is the problem with today surfaces?

[C.C.]: The problem is, today, for 10/15 years, our fingers are using flat surfaces, cold surfaces which are touching screen like the smartphones. This is the big issue! Because you don’t have any informations through the fingers when you are touching your mobile.


And remember : Haptics is coming!


Want to know more about haptic touch technology? have a look on the other videos!



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