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Multi-material demos

Since its first days, haptic technology has been developed on glass surfaces, mainly smartphone or tablet type screens. Since January 2019, the entire team is proud to present an exclusive multi-material haptic technology. After having developed haptics on glass, today hap2U deploys haptics on wood, plastic and metal! Haptics, so […]

Picture Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

[~2 min read]   What is haptics? The word “haptic,” from the Greek: ἁπτικός (haptikos), means “pertaining to the sense of touch.” Haptic technology recreates the sense of touch by applying force, vibration, or motion to the user.   What is the founder’s background? After a PhD in the MEMS […]

Picture Prototyping with hap2U

Prototyping with hap2U

[~3 min read]   At some point in time in your interactions with us, many of you have asked at least one of the following questions: “Can your haptic technology be integrated into my device?” “Up to what size of screen?” “On what kind of material? Does it work on […]

Picture What is deep tech ?

What is deep tech ?

[~1 min read]   Some of you may have already heard about this word: deep tech. It seems trendy, and many technology start-ups talk about it. But in the end, its meaning is blurred. So…what is deep tech? Deep tech refers to disruptive & innovative technologies which are changing our […]

Picture Haptic technologies

Haptic technologies

[~3 min read]   Today let’s talk a bit about haptic technologies! The haptic field is still new, and the coming years will see a drastic change in how we interact with our environment! How many haptic devices do you know so far? I guess, the vibration category is known […]

Picture The future of the automotive experience with haptic technology

The future of the automotive experience with haptic technology

[~2 min read]   Close your eyes and think of your car without any mechanical buttons. No power window switches, no fan controls, no windshield wiper buttons. Surfaces are streamlined, modern, clean. Hap2U is on the way to bringing this to reality – our haptic technology can be integrated into […]

Picture How does it feel when you touch hap2U technology?

How does it feel when you touch hap2U technology?

[~2 min read]   It is very difficult to explain the kind of feeling you experience with hap2U haptic technology. You have to touch it to understand how it feels. Many people ask us if it is like touching textures or real buttons. But it is not. It is something […]

Picture Disruptive technology & hap2U

Disruptive technology & hap2U

[~2 min read]   Hey guys! Here we are again! Today, we’re going to talk about disruptive technologies, something you probably have already heard about!   Disruptive technology, what is it? A disruptive technology or disruptive innovation creates new markets or completely changes an existing market by modifying the way […]

Picture Say “Hi” to our Xplore Touch

Say “Hi” to our Xplore Touch

[~1 min read]   Hey hey! So, some of you have (rightfully!) asked, “What is it exactly that you’re selling?” You’re right. Let’s talk about our business today…specifically, our development kit, the Xplore Touch. The Xplore Touch was born out of necessity – if our vision is to begin a […]

Picture What is haptics?

What is haptics?

[~2 min read]   Hey guys! Today, we’re going to talk about technology, but don’t panic, it will be simple enough! Many of you frequently ask about haptics and try to understand what hap2U is all about. I tried to explain as simply as possible.   Haptics, what does it […]