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Daimler invests in Hap2U

Hap2U to further develop the future of haptics Hap2U & Daimler are now working together to create the future of […]


[~3 min read] This past month, there were many new arrivals at hap2U! Each newcomer brings their expertise and personality, […]

Hap2U at Eurohaptics 2018

[~2 min read]   Hi everyone, A few weeks ago I was with Matthieu at Eurohaptics, a major international conference […]

Feedback from SID and Computex

[~2 min read]   Hi everyone, As you may know already we like to move fast at hap2U! That’s why […]

Picture Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

[~2 min read]   Hey guys ! Today, let’s do a little overview about the next events for hap2U ! […]

Picture Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

[~2 min read]   What is haptics? The word “haptic,” from the Greek: ἁπτικός (haptikos), means “pertaining to the sense […]

Picture Prototyping with hap2U

Prototyping with hap2U

[~3 min read]   At some point in time in your interactions with us, many of you have asked at […]

Picture What is deep tech ?

What is deep tech ?

[~1 min read]   Some of you may have already heard about this word: deep tech. It seems trendy, and […]

Picture Haptic technologies

Haptic technologies

[~3 min read]   Today let’s talk a bit about haptic technologies! The haptic field is still new, and the […]

Picture From 0 to 12 employees in 2 years

From 0 to 12 employees in 2 years

[~3 min read]   Constituting a team is not an easy task. When I started in the company, only a […]