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Hello! And welcome to hap2U’s updated blog.  We’ve redesigned and rethought this space to better communicate to you – our partners, our support network, and our investors – on new and interesting topics.

So, visit often to read about the life of hap2U as a small and growing deep tech start-up, stay updated on new products and features, learn about our business approach and processes, and most of all, have fun while you’re at it.

A preview of what’s in store for March:

  • CES results
  • Meet the team at hap2U
  • “hap2U Technology for Dummies”
  • How we build “most viable processes”
  • And some surprises!


Let us know what you think!  What else would you like to hear about?

Talk to you soon,

Emily (on behalf of all of us at hap2U)

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