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Hey guys!
Time to look back and see what has happened on our blog this past 2 months!

We’ve published 12 articles (written by five of us), with several themes like events, haptics, the hap2U life style and team. You’ve seen 713 pages of our blog in less than two months! It’s a great pleasure for us to be read by so many of you!

To remember – or discover some you haven’t read – below all the articles :
– Welcome to our blog
– CES 2018 Adventure
– Xplore Touch at Palais de la Découverte – the Science Museum of Discovery in Paris
– Haptics innovations at CES 2018
– Meet the team!
– Discover a synthesis of our adventure at #CES2018 with this short clip !
– Minimum Viable Processes = The Right Balance of Formal and Informal
– What is haptics?
– Say “Hi” to our Xplore Touch
– Disruptive technology & hap2U
– Meet Rémi in Taiwan!
– How does it feel when you touch hap2U technology?

For our next articles, we want to continue to talk about the technology, but also our type of business and our markets. We’re always really interested in your opinions, so let us know if you have some questions or if you have some ideas for the next articles!

Read you soon!

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