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Hey hey!

So, some of you have (rightfully!) asked, “What is it exactly that you’re selling?”  You’re right.  Let’s talk about our business today…specifically, our development kit, the Xplore Touch.

The Xplore Touch was born out of necessity – if our vision is to begin a haptic touchscreen revolution, we needed to start somewhere!  The Xplore Touch does it all – it is a demonstrator, an evaluation kit, and a development kit. It includes a powerful software development kit, the Haptic Creation Tool. With this software, you are autonomous in building your own haptic feedback canvases and human machine interface applications.   It is also constantly evolving to include updates to our technology.  Talk about a jack-of-all-trades!

The first version was shipped to our very early adopters in September 2017.  They used it to show management, test functionalities, and build applications.  Thanks to feedback from all of you, we are now on our forth version, having added a battery for mobile use and made important improvements in design, quality, and user experience.  Customers use the Xplore Touch as a first step to prototyping – they test  user experience and various applications.

This new batch is under development, with the first deliveries anticipated for mid-May.  If you’re interested in reserving yours, let us know!

Click here for more information on the Xplore Touch.

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