What do you feel with hap2U technology

How does it feel when you touch hap2U technology?

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It is very difficult to explain the kind of feeling you experience with hap2U haptic technology.

You have to touch it to understand how it feels. Many people ask us if it is like touching textures or real buttons. But it is not. It is something new, different than everything you have ever experienced before. In order to put words on this feeling, I asked a few people outside of the company to share their experiences with hap2U technology.


Micah Murray – Cognitive neuroscientist at University of Lausanne

“The device impressively provides a haptic image that one can actively explore with a fingertip. The sensations and textures are convincing and can convey a clear impression of an object’s surface that one can moreover manipulate with a high level of precision even in the absence of any visual feedback.”


Vincent Blech – Museography, Universcience

“It was surprising at first. It felt almost strange, funny. Then I thought “Wow! They really did it!” and I wanted to touch and explore more: what else can they do with it? How accurate is it? How realistic is the sensation? What if I close my eyes? In the end, I wanted to forward to the future and see fully achieved applications.”


Philippe Wieczorek – Director, Software Department, Minalogic

“I heard about Hap2U for the first time a while ago, when the company was founded. At that time the concept was promising, but I only realized the potential of the technology when I experienced it at CES 2017 – you definitely should try to touch the fish – or the chameleon, the updated version of the demo – and feel the whaoo effect. Hap2U technology is clearly a game changer with hundreds immediate applications and thousands more yet to invent !”*


Francois Modarresse, VP Media Practice, EAEC

“I had some background with haptics since my days in the gaming and mobile industries. But hap2U brought that experience to a whole new level. Device makers, app developers, get the creative juices flowing: there is quite a new tool for you.”


Emily Huschen – Director of Marketing & Business Development, hap2U

“I remember the first time I tested a prototype sometime in 2016. I didn’t quite understand what was happening underneath my fingertip, some static electricity or vibration?  But after a few minutes, and other demos tested, I was sold on the idea and convinced of its potential.  So much that I joined the team in July 2017!”


Stevie Wonder at CES 2018, Las Vegas

“This is great.”


Eric Vezzoli – CEO, Go Touch VR

“the first time I tested ultrasonic technology was back in 2013. I was in the university lab for the interview for my PhD, and it was the first time that I could really test a Haptics technology. I was literally blown away the first time I touched it from the possibilities that such a technology could bring in real world applications. From that time, I was obsessed with Haptics”


Margot Coïc – Universcience

“It was surprising and tickling. The stimulus is strong and it gives materiality to the image.”

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