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Hey guys!

Here we are again! Today, we’re going to talk about disruptive technologies, something you probably have already heard about!


Disruptive technology, what is it?

A disruptive technology or disruptive innovation creates new markets or completely changes an existing market by modifying the way users interact with the products and/or services. It could also create a new need with a completely new product. It’s linked to the user experience and how people interact with their environment. These innovations are created by companies, laboratories or even individuals. For example, personal computers, smartphones, and LCD displays have been disruptive technologies.


Some disruptive technologies in 2018

In 2018, we have already seen many disruptive technologies in several fields that promise to change our lives:

  • Artificial Intelligence (bots, algorithms)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Renewables and Clean Energy
  • Smart Health Tech
  • Immersive Experiences (AR, VR, mixed reality)
  • Haptics


What about hap2U?

We work on a technology based on ultrasonic haptics, which modifies the friction of your finger to create a textured haptic feedback. Our technology brings the sense of touch to any tactile surface. Just by tapping or sliding your finger on the screen, you feel like you are turning a real knob, pushing a real cursor and perceiving various textures. You’ve probably never felt something like it before, but just imagine how it could change the user experience for the smartphone, industrial controls or automobile navigation, for example. We don’t know all of the possible uses yet, and we need your imagination!


What if it was you who created the next disruptive innovation?

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