CES 2018

Back for a second year to introduce the new, haptic universe made possible with our technology!
Follow our adventure here throughout the event!

Get ready for CES!

CES - Consumer Electronic Show - is an annual trade show for the latest consumer technologies innovations. All the most important technology companies in the world is present to show their new products. Last year, we presented our first prototype of the Xplore Touch, our demonstration and development kit. This year, we present new applications & innovations in gaming, learning, and control and command, as well as mock-ups for automobile displays and mobile devices.


It all started with a CES workshop. The entire team got together to brainstorm and imagine our booth. We made our choices of technology and the best way to present our applications and began fine-tuning the messaging to communicate about our haptic universe.


Then, for the next 2.5 months, we worked like crazy to build the best products and applications to present hap2U technology and wow our visitors! They're going to rediscover the sense of touch!

At our booth, visitors are invited to imagine a new haptic universe by testing the future of our interactions with tactile devices:
Gaming - Play a game on a tablet by pressing your finger on the screen
A haptic website - Navigate the web with a new touch experience
Your screen comes to life - Pet Leon the chameleon and feel its skin
Discovery for kids - Learn how to write by feeling the edge of the letter

Our trip

We are now ready for take off ! A 17-hour trip before landing in Las Vegas. The demos are ready, and we are excited to showcase our latest innovations.

CES Unveiled

CES Unveiled Las Vegas is the official media event of CES, welcoming press and industry analysts from more 150 countries and taking place two days before the start of CES.

Hap2U took part in this event and revealed the hPiezo and new haptic applications. Journalists and bloggers from all around the world were amazed to see how our technology really brings devices to life

CES Show