La famille hap2U continue de s’agrandir !

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Une équipe qui grandit

Le temps passe vite chez HAP2U ! Depuis la grande levée de fond réalisée cet été, nous avons fêté plusieurs heureux événements.

Côté recrutement, l’équipe continue de s’agrandir ! Notre nouvel électronicien Matthieu ainsi que Pierre en thèse se sont installés. Avec le lancement d’un nouveau bureau en Asie et le renforcement de l’équipe acoustique, nous allons compter 18 personnes au total en Février ! D’autres offres sont encore à pourvoir ici !

Une fin d’année de fêtes et de projets

Nous avons aussi fêté les 3 ans de l’entreprise ! Un âge fort qui nous permet de regarder l’avenir avec confiance et ambition. Pour l’occasion, nous avons organisé une magnifique soirée dans les locaux de l’institut Glénat à Grenoble lors de laquelle toute l’équipe s’est rassemblée pour un moment chic et (très) festif.

A l’heure où nous publions notre premier article de blog en français, l’esprit de Noël s’invite dans les bureaux. Le sapin a pris place dans l’Open Space et les cadeaux sont apparus à son pied. C’est un beau moment de convivialité pour l’équipe en cette fin d’année où de nombreux projets sont encore en cours.

Dans l’attente de 2019, toute l’équipe reste donc en grande forme et prête à relever ses prochains défis !


Bonnes fêtes de fin d’année à tous !


Daimler invests in Hap2U

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Hap2U to further develop the future of haptics

Hap2U & Daimler are now working together to create the future of haptics and to drive forward the commercial adoption of its innovative technology. Convinced by the hap2U technology, Daimler becomes a preferred partner and a shareholder of the French startup.

The relationship between Daimler and Hap2U extends beyond financial investment: The two companies are collaborating on applications of Hap2U technology.  Through these collaborations, Hap2U is developing new human-machine interaction (HMI) capabilities and advancing its expertise in transferring the technology to commercial manufacturing processes.

Cédrick CHAPPAZ, CEO & co-founder of hap2U comments: “We are delighted to have this partnership and investment from Daimler because we share the same vision: that haptics will become an essential feature for touch interfaces. Our goal is that everywhere there will be a touch interface, there will be hap2U technology inside. The hap2U technology has already received attention from some big names in consumer electronics, industrial controls, aerospace, retail technology and automotive markets.  The additional funding will provide us with more capacity to meet this demand.”

After initial seed funding in May 2016, hap2U has now completed its Series A funding round, with Daimler backing the company’s vision. The Series A funding enables hap2U to grow head-count in order to satisfy market demand for proof-of-concept and technology-transfer projects and enables accelerated development of new disruptive features of the technology.

Hap2U, a startup based in Grenoble, France, was founded in 2015 with the vision that our interactions with the machines that surround us could be enhanced by encompassing the sense of tactile feeling.  Touch-screens, touch-pads and other control surfaces are everywhere: in our mobile, our cars, our homes, airports, shopping malls, and also in industrial control applications.  While these surfaces may already respond to our touch, what our finger feels is only the same smooth texture of glass.  The haptic technology created by hap2U, makes it possible for application designers to present users with a variety of textures and tactile sensations, so not only can users see and touch something on the screen, but they can really feel it too.

The technology has clear benefits for augmenting the user experience in a multitude of consumer applications, and clearly also has specific value for the visually impaired.  However, the haptic feedback delivered by the technology also has significant value in control applications, including those where the operator’s eyes need to be focused on the task and not on the screen. Automotive applications, being both consumer-oriented and control applications, represent a sweet-spot for this technology. However, as the technology continues to mature, hap2U is enjoying working with clients across the full diversity of applicable market segments.

About hap2U

Hap2U designs patented technology to enhance experiences in the digital world by integrating the sense of touch in tactile devices. A new, haptic universe is now accessible with the world’s immersive and most reliable haptic technology, using materials and mature manufacturing processes from the semiconductor industry. Founded in 2015, hap2U has built on several years of research and development and has multiple global patents in hardware and software based on the science of haptics. The development team, based in Grenoble, France, brings complementary expertise in material science, haptics, acoustics, embedded systems, electronics, software development, and user experience to simplify, make more real and immersive the use of tactile interfaces.


Press release file

Full Press Kit


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[~3 min read]

This past month, there were many new arrivals at hap2U! Each newcomer brings their expertise and personality, creating the value of hap2U. We’re happy to welcome them all! Let’s make a quick presentation by arrival.

The official bios are available on the Team page of the hap2U website. Here, you’ll find more personal presentations.


Maxime joins us as an embedded system engineer, to work with Mickael. Together, they will continue to improve the firmware to develop new haptic digital textures. He loves to build robots for almost everything, but we’re still waiting for our little hap2U robot!

Trivia: He’s passionate about Japan.


Corentin is joining the marketing team as a product and sales manager for the Xplore Touch. He will collaborate with the team to improve the product and find new partners. He’s a compulsive traveler and has already visited many countries around the world.

Trivia: Don’t leave your post-it’s on your desk, he loves to play with them.


Franck is becoming the COO of hap2U. In addition to the financial part, he’s also going to oversee the project management to improve the way to work together. You’ll probably meet him if you sent us an application, because he’s going to manage HR.

Trivia: Don’t follow him, he has a terrible sense of orientation!


Anurupa is joining us to reinforce the acoustic team, which develops the acoustic R&D to discover new ways to integrate our technology into touch surfaces. She makes amazing simulations during the day, and awesome drawings at night.

Trivia: She has a weakness for ‘canelés’ (French pastry).


JB joins the marketing team as a product and sales manager for POC projects. He has a technical background which allows him to propose and manage our projects with both in mind: the marketing and the technical aspects.

Trivia: He’s preparing for a triathlon.


Thibaut reinforces the hap2U acoustic team with Anu as a research engineer. He’s coming from Paris to enjoy the mountains. He’s also doing awesome simulations, and music in the rest of his time!

Trivia: Play on words in French or in English, nothing scares him!


Mark to joins us from UK as marketing director and business developer director. His technical background & his marketing experience will help him develop the marketing strategy and offer of hap2U.

Trivia: For Mark, every Friday is French Friday!

Official pictures and descriptions to complete our team page will come soon!

Hap2U at Eurohaptics 2018

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Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago I was with Matthieu at Eurohaptics, a major international conference on haptic technology.

Ultrasonic technology was a very popular topic, with 3 nominated to conference award, and 1 awarded as best student paper.


Here are 5 papers presented during the event:

– Overcoming fingertip friction variability with surface haptics force-feedback
Authors: Nicolas Huloux, Jocelyn Monnoyer, Marc Boyron, Michael Wiertlewski

– Analysis of Ultrasound Radiation and Proposal of Design Criteria in Ultrasonic Haptic Display for Practical Applications
Authors: Kiyoshi Taninaka, Akinori Miyamoto, Yuichi Kamata, Yasuhiro Endo, Yoshihiro Mizuno

– Harmonious textures: The perceptual dimensions of synthetic sinusoidal gratings
Authors: Corentin Bernard, Jocelyn Monnoyer, Michael Wiertlewski

– Travelling Ultrasonic Wave Enhances Keyclick Sensation
Authors: David Gueorguiev, Anis Kaci, Michel Amberg, Frédéric Giraud, Betty Semail

– Exploring Fingers’ Limitation of Texture Density Perception on Ultrasonic Haptic Displays
Authors: Farzan Kalantari, David Gueorguiev, Edward Lank, Nicolas Bremard, Laurent Grisoni


For the first time, we presented the Xplore Touch to the scientific community, and we got very good feedback! The Xplore Touch is the only programmable haptic surface available on the market, with a great tools suite. The tools delivered with the Xplore Touch, the API & Haptic Creation Tool, met the expectations of the researchers.

It was the perfect occasion to better understand how people perceive haptic feedback, how to improve it, and how hap2U can improve performance of our developement kit.

Let us know if you have any questions!


Upcoming Events

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Hey guys !

Today, let’s do a little overview about the next events for hap2U !

This week, Rémi is participating at Computex-Innovex, an event based in Taipei. COMPUTEX TAIPEI, the largest B2B ICT tradeshow in Asia, established a new exhibit area in 2016 called InnoVEX, creating a platform specifically for tech startups to network with global buyers, investors, and manufacturers.

In a few weeks, Matthieu & Baptiste will be present at Eurohaptics 2018 in Pisa, Italy. The Eurohaptics 2018 conference will provide researchers from academia and industry with an opportunity to present ideas and establish contacts with other haptics researchers from around the world. Hap2U will show its development and demo kit, the Xplore Touch. You can test our technology, and we are free to exchange with you about it!

We’ll also be present at the “Journées Acoustique et Microsystèmes : JAM2018” the 20th and 21st June in Le Mans, France. Matthieu will meet researchers, engineers, technicians and students in acoustic and vibrations. We’re really excited to discover the most recent innovations of this field. We’re ready to show you our latest technology as well!

From 9th to 11th July 2018, we will be present at the European Workshop on Acoustic & Mechanical Metamaterials in London. This workshop, co-organized with the support of the and the GdR META-FRANCE, aims at gathering European partners, academic or industrial, to discuss and exchange views on acoustic and mechanical metamaterials. Hap2U will participate at the workshop to exchange and discover new ideas about acoustic & mechanical materials.

Hap2U has been selected to participate at DeepTech4Good the 11st July in Paris. DeepTech4Good is an acceleration program, financed under the Horizon 2020 framework. It is committed to identify high potential Deep Tech startups in 4 domains: Health & Well-being, Industry 4.0, Smart Mobility, Smart City. Hap2U will present its technology in Smart Mobility. We’ll be glad to meet you in Paris !

If you will be attending any of these events, let us know so we can meet you!

Prototyping with hap2U

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At some point in time in your interactions with us, many of you have asked at least one of the following questions:

  • “Can your haptic technology be integrated into my device?”
  • “Up to what size of screen?”
  • “On what kind of material? Does it work on plastic?”
  • “What kind of applications have been built for my industry?”
  • “Can you replicate this particular texture?”
  • “What would be better, the discrete ceramics or hPiezo technology?”
  • “How quickly will my product be able to go to market?”

The answers are never simple.  It depends!


On what?

A number of factors influence the haptic effect and proposed design for any given device – from the layers of the display stack to the type of materials used to the type of use case imagined. Each of our partners will have their own specifications – which means that it is difficult to provide standard answers.  Instead, we prefer to study each case and provide a personalized proposal for a prototyping or proof-of-concept project.


These projects go something like this:

Step 1 – Understanding the project

In most cases, this first step is a face-to-face workshop where objectives are defined, and expectations and timelines are discussed.  Technical requirements are identified, and applicative use cases are described.  The partnership begins here, usually with a face-to-face workshop between the teams.

Step 2 – Technical feasibility pre-study

When a partner has an existing device or product into which they would like to integrate our technology, a preliminary technical feasibility pre-study is required.  These pre-studies are to identify and limit project risks and identify the complexity of the project (to estimate cost and timelines). Under strict confidentiality agreements, the partner and hap2U exchange information, including a sample that will be analyzed by our experts following several simulations.  The results of this pre-study are a technical report of pre-study results & technical feasibility, as well as the prototyping or POC project planning and budgets.

Step 3 – Project start

Armed with the project specifications, results of the technical pre-study (if required), and project plan our project teams get to work.  To simplify, we break our projects down into several work packages, often with go/no-go decisions at key stages.  These phases are used as touch points with our partners, to ensure that the project is aligned with expectations.   Readjustments to the project planning and deadlines may also be discussed at this time, and mock-ups of software development are discussed. Most POCs run from 3-6 months.

Step 4 – Prototype validation

Once the prototype and haptic applications are delivered to the partner, the ball is in their court for user testing.  In addition to validation by the partner, we suggest that they share the prototype with their customers through focus groups or specialized user testing.  In some projects, we offer the possibility to make modifications (for example, of the software application) even after delivery.


Hap2U is a deep tech company – we design and develop the haptic technology that can be embedded into any hard surface or into any device.  Once a prototype has been validated, our business model is to work with partners to design their haptic devices for the best results, then transfer our technology know-how for manufacturing by them or their suppliers.  The timeline of this phase will depend on the manufacturing know-how and capacity of our partners and their suppliers, but we will work with them to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible.


If you are interested in working with us on a POC, please contact us with the details of your project!

What is deep tech ?

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Some of you may have already heard about this word: deep tech. It seems trendy, and many technology start-ups talk about it. But in the end, its meaning is blurred. So…what is deep tech?

Deep tech refers to disruptive & innovative technologies which are changing our everyday behavior, our user experience. It’s not new; for example, personal computers or ebooks were disruptive. These days, many new innovations are emerging like augmented reallity, virtual reallity, big data, artificial intelligence, nanotechnologies and haptic technologies, to cite a few.

Deep tech companies have a more scientific approach than classic start-ups. They work closely with laboratories through partnerships to create new technologies. Many innovations have been created in laboratories. But researchers need economic and insdustrial partners to develop their ideas. It’s a win-win partnership: companies are testing the markets, and researchers are working on R&D in laboratories.

Hap2U can be considered as a deep tech start-up: we develop a new haptic technology which is changing the way to interact with tactile surfaces. We work in partnership with laboratories specializing in haptics to improve our haptic technology every day. Researchers can work on our demonstration and development kit, the Xplore Touch, to test their assumptions.

Still have questions about deep tech? Let us know!

From 0 to 12 employees in 2 years

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Constituting a team is not an easy task.

When I started in the company, only a few people were working at hap2U. Internal communication was quite easy as we were all working in the same room. Meetings were mainly informal, and decisions taken in a short time. But with the team growing quickly, we had to move to another office and adapt our organization.

I think that one of the first challenges you face when you grow your team, is internal communication. Everybody in the company doesn’t have to know everything. The challenge is to select relevant information to not saturate people with too much detail. We decided to start every week with a weekly meeting based on information sharing about technical improvements, projects, and business developments. The idea is to share only relevant information for everybody and do not last too long. We try to formalize internal meetings and improve our communication inside the company.

Another point to consider is to have a good work environment. Since the very beginning, hap2U is like a big family. We all know each other very well, we share time outside of work hours, we help each other. As a small team, we pay attention to new employees’ personality, to check cultural fit.  The well-being of employees is a major preoccupation within the company. We try to spend time together not only to work but also to have fun and… to eat! We celebrate “TGIF” with a delicious breakfast every Friday morning.

As you may know we are currently hiring. I spent some time talking with our CEO, here is what he has to say:


A word from our CEO Cédrick Chappaz 

  • How different is the hiring process of a startup as compared to big companies?
    • In a startup, relationship is a key success factor. So we need to take into account personality as well as skills.
  • The most important human value you look for when you’re hiring?
    • Altruism: Think as a team before as an individual.
  • Tips you wish you knew before you launched your startup?
    • How much it’s really important to know yourself. How far are you ready to go? What are the things you are ready to sacrifice and what not.
  • Where do you see hap2U in 2 years?
    • Hap2U is aiming to become a leader in the HMI area. Headcount in the team will represent between 40 – 50 people. I hope hap2U will become a reference of economic success and teamwork.
  • How do you define your startup culture?
    • Be positive, be open to change…and humility.
  • What gets you out of bed in the morning?
    • My alarm! … and the conviction that each day is a new one with its challenges, its defeats…and its victories!

Time to look back

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Hey guys!
Time to look back and see what has happened on our blog this past 2 months!

We’ve published 12 articles (written by five of us), with several themes like events, haptics, the hap2U life style and team. You’ve seen 713 pages of our blog in less than two months! It’s a great pleasure for us to be read by so many of you!

To remember – or discover some you haven’t read – below all the articles :
– Welcome to our blog
– CES 2018 Adventure
– Xplore Touch at Palais de la Découverte – the Science Museum of Discovery in Paris
– Haptics innovations at CES 2018
– Meet the team!
– Discover a synthesis of our adventure at #CES2018 with this short clip !
– Minimum Viable Processes = The Right Balance of Formal and Informal
– What is haptics?
– Say “Hi” to our Xplore Touch
– Disruptive technology & hap2U
– Meet Rémi in Taiwan!
– How does it feel when you touch hap2U technology?

For our next articles, we want to continue to talk about the technology, but also our type of business and our markets. We’re always really interested in your opinions, so let us know if you have some questions or if you have some ideas for the next articles!

Read you soon!

Meet Rémi in Taiwan!

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Hi everyone!


Did you know that we have an office in Taipei? Well, our office here allows us to prospect the leaders of the Display and the Touch Panel industries as well as some of the best Consumer companies from Asia! Hap2U is deeply involved into the Taiwanese ecosystem with its connection to local organizations and networks such as ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) and the support of La French Tech Taiwan. Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to pitch for our disruptive haptic technology in front of Chen Liang-gee, the Minister of Sciences and Technology of Taiwan, Benoit Guidée the director of the French Office in Taipei as well as VC investors and executives of some of the most renowned Taiwanese companies!


Our implantation here is strategic for the development of our activities overseas and to strengthen our licensing model development. In Asia, the opportunities are huge with a fast-growing environment in a tough-competing atmosphere. We are in the ideal position to take advantage of this situation with our truly unique and patented haptic technology. It provides our customers with a distinctive feature from their competitors and enrich their user experience through the tactile features.


The next steps here will be to consolidate our partnerships with our current customers and to increase our resources to accelerate our Asian development. 2018 is full of challenges that we are looking to take on!



Say “Hi” to our Xplore Touch

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Hey hey!

So, some of you have (rightfully!) asked, “What is it exactly that you’re selling?”  You’re right.  Let’s talk about our business today…specifically, our development kit, the Xplore Touch.

The Xplore Touch was born out of necessity – if our vision is to begin a haptic touchscreen revolution, we needed to start somewhere!  The Xplore Touch does it all – it is a demonstrator, an evaluation kit, and a development kit. It includes a powerful software development kit, the Haptic Creation Tool. With this software, you are autonomous in building your own haptic feedback canvases and human machine interface applications.   It is also constantly evolving to include updates to our technology.  Talk about a jack-of-all-trades!

The first version was shipped to our very early adopters in September 2017.  They used it to show management, test functionalities, and build applications.  Thanks to feedback from all of you, we are now on our forth version, having added a battery for mobile use and made important improvements in design, quality, and user experience.  Customers use the Xplore Touch as a first step to prototyping – they test  user experience and various applications.

This new batch is under development, with the first deliveries anticipated for mid-May.  If you’re interested in reserving yours, let us know!

Click here for more information on the Xplore Touch.

Minimum Viable Processes = The Right Balance of Formal and Informal

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Here at hap2U, we believe in balance – the right mix of two extremes – like working hard and having fun while we do it, respecting diversity and playfully making fun of each other, long working days with a relaxing lunch break.  And similarly, we have adopted an approach to business processes that increase productivity, but don’t bog us down with administrative tasks.  I like to call this “Minimum Viable Processes” – just enough process to streamline our activities, while keeping us flexible to adapt to our partners’ needs.

When I first started at hap2U, we had recently expanded from 6 employees to 12, had signed our first business contracts, and were getting ready to deliver our first batch of the Xplore Touch development kit.  Our inboxes and memories were feeling the growing pains, and we decided to implement CRM, Project Management, and back office tools throughout the company.



We had a long list of requests for the new tool – more than just a platform to manage our customer interactions, we wanted a complete system that would grow and mature with us.  Luckily, the internet is full of solutions (just Google “CRM” and see for yourself!).  After a few weeks of market research, we agreed on an online out-of-the-box business process suite.  It had good reviews, helpful customer service, sophisticated analytics, killer apps… on top of an impressive, modulable feature list.  It was a fit!



We started implementation in September 2017, module by module, starting with the CRM.  Each phase was preceded by a discussion on high level processes and business rules that would structure the tool.  This step was important – relevant team members provided their feedback on potential use cases, and we agreed together on the amount of detail that would be required.  This is where the “Minimum Viable Process” part comes in.  We agreed on what the minimum would be, with the option to be more complete when necessary. Thanks to our system’s modularity, we can pick and choose the feature set that makes the most sense to us.  And it’s adaptable – we are adjusting as we go (and grow!).



After a little more than six months of use, we confirm that processes aren’t just for well-established companies.  Start-ups can see the benefits quickly and easily with the right approach.  At hap2U, we now have well-followed Sales, Marketing, and Project Management processes. These modules are well used by the entire team.  Our communication is more efficient – we know where to find the most important information.  And best of all, with these foundations in place (and the data that comes with it), the next step will be to build helpful reports and dashboards with data-driven KPI’s to constantly improve and learn from our interactions.

Meet the team!

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[~4 min read]

We believe that a start-up can succeed with a cohesive team focused on a common goal. I was lucky enough to join hap2U a few months after it was founded, when even Google had not heard of us. As the third recruited employee, I’ve had the opportunity to discover (almost) every employee from their first day in the company. I will try to describe these crazy people (crazy about work of course) who share my everyday life.

The official bios are available on the Team page of the hap2U website. Here, you’ll find more personal presentations.


Embedded Systems Engineer

Musician during the week-end, Mickael brings rhythm and melody to hap2U’s technological development. Signal generation holds no secrets for him, nor do the 6788 plants (and their gnats) he loves and cares for in our office. Mickael is never out of ideas when it comes to answering innovation challenges.

Trivia: Mickael can make you home-made terrariums, do not hesitate to contact him on Instagram @mck_cobi.


Software Developer

Tom used his designer skills to develop hap2U’s first application with haptic effects. The world’s first haptic fish… That’s all his creation! The Haptic Creation Tool, the first tool allowing to create textures on a screen … That’s also his creation! He is constantly pursued by his fans, but he’d rather spend his time surrounded by his cats.

Trivia: Tom is our official Kinder Bueno and Strawberry Tagada provider.


Research Engineer

Calm and wise are two words that define Matthieu pretty well. Those are important qualities for this acoustic expert who is constantly listening to the waves emitted by our haptic slabs. A true researcher, Matthieu offers his knowledge to hap2U’s technological development and never misses an opportunity to discover new ways to integrate our technology into touch surfaces.

Trivia: If you’re wondering why hap2U needs an acoustic expert, visit our Technology page.


Software Developer

Before finding his true passion for software, Baptiste developed his voice -  he is known as hap2u’s best singer, always ready to use his beautiful voice during informal blind tests over the lunch break. But Baptiste is above all an unlimited source of information about software, IT-security and HMI, always ready and able to give his expert advice to his colleagues.

Trivia: Makes homemade croissants and pains au chocolat for the team on Friday mornings.


Marketing & Business Development

Don’t be fooled by her perfect French accent (except for pronouncing the word “Ecureuil”), Emily is coming straight from the US with the American ambition to make hap2U thrive. She defines the marketing strategy, build processes, manages projects, closes sales, negotiates…but above all, Emily knows how to lead her team, empowering them and advocates for personal development and fulfilment.

Trivia: Emily has initiated her colleagues to green smoothies and zucchini brownies.



Cédrick founded hap2U two years ago, hired about fifteen people and raised the funds to make hap2U successful. He is a very attentive and positive manager, who has never stopped believing in his project, and brings all of his energy to hap2u’s success. (By the way, he should think about taking some vacation!)

Trivia: Dreams about becoming Jean Dujardin in OSS 117. His motto is: “s’agirait de grandir” and “Habile…”


Electronics Engineer

Hap2U’s haptic technology is not possible without his hard work in electronic customization. He focuses on the Xplore Touch’s electronics and is constantly looking for new developments (between flights to go kitesurfing). A soldering iron in hand and a spark in his eyes, the lab holds no secrets for him anymore.

Trivia: Bruno has been spotted sleeping in his van, in hap2U’s parking lot.


Electronics Technician

In spite of his young age, we call him hap2U’s Macgyver - he never runs out of ideas and motivation. Technician, welder, LED manufacturer, sales person, stand designer, and 3D printing expert, he can manufacture a development kit in 20 seconds and swim to Taiwan via the Pacific Ocean.

Trivia: Simon has been spotted at 3 am in pyjamas at hap2U’s office


Digital Marketing & Communication

With a background in architecture and graphic design and impassioned by illustrations, Célia brought her delicate brushstroke to hap2U’s communication. Her geek-like tendencies allow her to closely coordinate with the software developers on user experience improvements.

Trivia: She largely dominates her colleagues at Minecraft


Business Developer (based in Taiwan)

With a background in engineering, Rémi is the expat, developing hap2U business in Asia. Rémi quickly adapted to the Asian market and perfected his skills in sales and marketing to create targeted offers for the consumer electronics market.

Trivia: Rémi is looking for a champagne and cheese supplier in Taipei.


Marketing & Business Development

As the first marketer recruited to the team, I had the great “pleasure” to annoy my technical colleagues with strategy, business, sales, communication, logo… and other mysterious things for engineers. But I hope that I have built the foundations of hap2U’s marketing success.

Trivia: I have an alarming addiction to bread.

I hope you enjoyed this team description! If you want to join us, follow the link :

Haptics innovations at CES 2018

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[~2 min read]

CES 2018 was an opportunity to discover extraordinary innovations! And if there is one topic that keeps coming up, it’s haptics. Like optics is about the science of sight, haptics is about the science of touch.

For a long time, companies focused on the visual or auditory aspects of technology. 4K screens with sound systems that are increasingly more powerful are everywhere: an eyeful…and an earful! But we forget one of our senses, even though it has so much presence in our daily life.  It has been neglected - the sense touch. And touch is also entitled to its moment of glory, especially at CES where we found four startups who presented their innovation in the field of haptics at the largest electronics show in the world.


Tactical Haptics is an American startup created in 2013 proposes to improve the experience of virtual reality with two game controllers equipped with haptic feedback. But more than simple vibrations, their technology combines the player's movements with a strength / resistance effect! These controllers, called Reactive Grip, can be used independently of each other but they can also be combined to form a new virtual object in the game (like a steering wheel for example). Their technology is therefore primarily aimed at the video game market, which will delight gamers in search of more immersive experiences.

Hap2U meets Tactical Haptics

This German startup has introduced a bracelet equipped with haptic technology to act as a subwoofer ... on your body! You listen to your music and the bracelet synchronizes at low frequencies to send them to your wrist. An innovation that will appeal to all audiophiles, but not only. The Lofelt technology behind this bracelet also addresses other markets, including virtual reality or smartphones.

Hap2U meets Lofelt

Go Touch VR is a young and growing French start-up located in Lille aims to create "virtual touch." Thanks to a small box that we clip on the fingertip, you can now not only feel virtual objects, but also interact with them and manipulate them. It is therefore an additional dimension added to virtual reality to bring even more realism to the experience. From computer-aided design to healthcare to industry, the applications of this technology are numerous!

Hap2U meets Go Touch VR

French Startup created in 2016, Aurasens uses haptic technology to allow users not only to listen to music but to feel the music through a chair that sends vibrations throughout the body synchronized with the music. The experience is a particularly immersive, guaranteed sensation!

Hap2U meets Aurasens
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CES 2018 Adventure

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Hey everyone!
Two months ago, we were lucky enough to go to CES 2018 in Las Vegas! Here is a short overview of our experience, and how we worked before, during and after this event to make the most of it.

First things first, CES – Consumer Electronics Show – the event hosting presentations and demos of new products and technologies in the consumer electronics industry. It was the second year for us!

As you saw if you were following us on Twitter, it all started with a workshop. The entire team got together to brainstorm and imagine our booth. We were organized into small groups from different fields. Everyone was responsible to put themselves in the shoes of our different customers groups. It was a fun way to allow everyone to share their ideas and participate in the preparation of this major event.

The next 2.5 months were dedicated to creating all that we needed to present our new applications & products, from engineering, to marketing, to software. Time went by very fast, and everyone did their best to propose some awesome new stuff at CES!

Finally the show began, and the on-site team started the marathon: 5 days of showing our technology, meeting partners, being interviewed by press, and running everywhere.

According to one of the member’s activity tracker, we each walked about 50km (~30 miles) during our stay in Las Vegas. More than 1500 flyers have been distributed during the 37 hours of show. We met a lot of people, and each one was super-interesting. 330 of them spoke to us about an ongoing or future project, and we will be in touch. And of course, many of you followed and supported us on Twitter!

Back from CES, we have been inundated with questions and demands from all over the world. We did our best to answer to each one with the most accurate solution possible. Keep it coming!

CES was an awesome experience, exhausting but so instructive! Thanks again to all for your support and your great feedback!

Talk to you soon,


Welcome to our blog

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Hello! And welcome to hap2U’s updated blog.  We’ve redesigned and rethought this space to better communicate to you – our partners, our support network, and our investors – on new and interesting topics.

So, visit often to read about the life of hap2U as a small and growing deep tech start-up, stay updated on new products and features, learn about our business approach and processes, and most of all, have fun while you’re at it.

A preview of what’s in store for March:

  • CES results
  • Meet the team at hap2U
  • “hap2U Technology for Dummies”
  • How we build “most viable processes”
  • And some surprises!


Let us know what you think!  What else would you like to hear about?

Talk to you soon,

Emily (on behalf of all of us at hap2U)