Hap2U at Eurohaptics 2018

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Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago I was with Matthieu at Eurohaptics, a major international conference on haptic technology.

Ultrasonic technology was a very popular topic, with 3 nominated to conference award, and 1 awarded as best student paper.


Here are 5 papers presented during the event:

– Overcoming fingertip friction variability with surface haptics force-feedback
Authors: Nicolas Huloux, Jocelyn Monnoyer, Marc Boyron, Michael Wiertlewski

– Analysis of Ultrasound Radiation and Proposal of Design Criteria in Ultrasonic Haptic Display for Practical Applications
Authors: Kiyoshi Taninaka, Akinori Miyamoto, Yuichi Kamata, Yasuhiro Endo, Yoshihiro Mizuno

– Harmonious textures: The perceptual dimensions of synthetic sinusoidal gratings
Authors: Corentin Bernard, Jocelyn Monnoyer, Michael Wiertlewski

– Travelling Ultrasonic Wave Enhances Keyclick Sensation
Authors: David Gueorguiev, Anis Kaci, Michel Amberg, Frédéric Giraud, Betty Semail

– Exploring Fingers’ Limitation of Texture Density Perception on Ultrasonic Haptic Displays
Authors: Farzan Kalantari, David Gueorguiev, Edward Lank, Nicolas Bremard, Laurent Grisoni


For the first time, we presented the Xplore Touch to the scientific community, and we got very good feedback! The Xplore Touch is the only programmable haptic surface available on the market, with a great tools suite. The tools delivered with the Xplore Touch, the API & Haptic Creation Tool, met the expectations of the researchers.

It was the perfect occasion to better understand how people perceive haptic feedback, how to improve it, and how hap2U can improve performance of our developement kit.

Let us know if you have any questions!


Feedback from SID and Computex

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Hi everyone,

As you may know already we like to move fast at hap2U! That’s why we have been attending several tradeshows in just one month. Let’s start by the SiD Display Week last May in Los Angeles. This one is definitely a reference for the display technologies and the main actors of the industry. This has given us the opportunity to overview the markets and to position us at the very center of this ecosystem. You may think our technology is suitable only for niche applications such as education or devices for blind people; well actually, it is not quite true. Automotive has revealed itself being the most active market looking for haptic solutions followed by the Consumer and Industrial markets. The SiD Display Week has opened us doors and insights to whom need our unique haptic technology and how we can integrate it to their devices.

Two weeks later this tradeshow was followed by the Computex-Innovex in Taipei. This is one of the greatest meetings in Asia of the technology game-changers. This was noticed again with the new approach of ASUS with a laptop integrating a ScreenPad in place of the trackpad allowing new actions and functionalities. You may think “who needs this?” and the question is more “why don’t we see more initiatives like this one, instead of focusing on a notch smartphone?”. Computex-Innovex also provided us with new opportunities and a different way of conceiving the interactions between the Human and the Machine. Stay tuned for our coming developments!

Now, if you already want to discover more about us and our technology, the former center of Europe’s creativity Pisa will host Eurohaptics at which we participate. Hopefully we will see you there for technical or business discussions!

Upcoming Events

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Hey guys !

Today, let’s do a little overview about the next events for hap2U !

This week, Rémi is participating at Computex-Innovex, an event based in Taipei. COMPUTEX TAIPEI, the largest B2B ICT tradeshow in Asia, established a new exhibit area in 2016 called InnoVEX, creating a platform specifically for tech startups to network with global buyers, investors, and manufacturers.

In a few weeks, Matthieu & Baptiste will be present at Eurohaptics 2018 in Pisa, Italy. The Eurohaptics 2018 conference will provide researchers from academia and industry with an opportunity to present ideas and establish contacts with other haptics researchers from around the world. Hap2U will show its development and demo kit, the Xplore Touch. You can test our technology, and we are free to exchange with you about it!

We’ll also be present at the “Journées Acoustique et Microsystèmes : JAM2018” the 20th and 21st June in Le Mans, France. Matthieu will meet researchers, engineers, technicians and students in acoustic and vibrations. We’re really excited to discover the most recent innovations of this field. We’re ready to show you our latest technology as well!

From 9th to 11th July 2018, we will be present at the European Workshop on Acoustic & Mechanical Metamaterials in London. This workshop, co-organized with the support of the acoustics.ac.uk and the GdR META-FRANCE, aims at gathering European partners, academic or industrial, to discuss and exchange views on acoustic and mechanical metamaterials. Hap2U will participate at the workshop to exchange and discover new ideas about acoustic & mechanical materials.

Hap2U has been selected to participate at DeepTech4Good the 11st July in Paris. DeepTech4Good is an acceleration program, financed under the Horizon 2020 framework. It is committed to identify high potential Deep Tech startups in 4 domains: Health & Well-being, Industry 4.0, Smart Mobility, Smart City. Hap2U will present its technology in Smart Mobility. We’ll be glad to meet you in Paris !

If you will be attending any of these events, let us know so we can meet you!

Haptics innovations at CES 2018

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CES 2018 was an opportunity to discover extraordinary innovations! And if there is one topic that keeps coming up, it’s haptics. Like optics is about the science of sight, haptics is about the science of touch.

For a long time, companies focused on the visual or auditory aspects of technology. 4K screens with sound systems that are increasingly more powerful are everywhere: an eyeful…and an earful! But we forget one of our senses, even though it has so much presence in our daily life.  It has been neglected - the sense touch. And touch is also entitled to its moment of glory, especially at CES where we found four startups who presented their innovation in the field of haptics at the largest electronics show in the world.


Tactical Haptics is an American startup created in 2013 proposes to improve the experience of virtual reality with two game controllers equipped with haptic feedback. But more than simple vibrations, their technology combines the player's movements with a strength / resistance effect! These controllers, called Reactive Grip, can be used independently of each other but they can also be combined to form a new virtual object in the game (like a steering wheel for example). Their technology is therefore primarily aimed at the video game market, which will delight gamers in search of more immersive experiences.

Hap2U meets Tactical Haptics

This German startup has introduced a bracelet equipped with haptic technology to act as a subwoofer ... on your body! You listen to your music and the bracelet synchronizes at low frequencies to send them to your wrist. An innovation that will appeal to all audiophiles, but not only. The Lofelt technology behind this bracelet also addresses other markets, including virtual reality or smartphones.

Hap2U meets Lofelt

Go Touch VR is a young and growing French start-up located in Lille aims to create "virtual touch." Thanks to a small box that we clip on the fingertip, you can now not only feel virtual objects, but also interact with them and manipulate them. It is therefore an additional dimension added to virtual reality to bring even more realism to the experience. From computer-aided design to healthcare to industry, the applications of this technology are numerous!

Hap2U meets Go Touch VR

French Startup created in 2016, Aurasens uses haptic technology to allow users not only to listen to music but to feel the music through a chair that sends vibrations throughout the body synchronized with the music. The experience is a particularly immersive, guaranteed sensation!

Hap2U meets Aurasens

Xplore Touch at Palais de la Découverte – the Science Museum of Discovery in Paris

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On Sunday, 11 March 2018 the exhibition dedicated to computer and digital sciences (Espace Informatique et Sciences du Numérique) was inaugurated in Paris.

This permanent exhibit is dedicated to data, algorithms, codes, and machines; the main foundations of information technology. Other subjects linked to digital sciences and based on IT are also addressed: big data, machine learning, robots, and networks.

Hap2u is proud and honored to have been selected to exhibit the Xplore Touch, which illustrates the future of user interfaces.

The Xplore Touch is displayed on the technology stage, which aims to showcase how digital sciences will be integrated into the future products we use every day.

         At the exhibition you will discover other disruptive technologies, such as "LiFi by Lucibel,” a light-based Internet access solution and “Fluid” System, a touchless medical image navigation solution, based on gesture controlled and developed by Therapixel.

Come discover hap2U, Lucibel, and Therapixel technology at this very exciting and highly relevant exhibit, for young and old, from 13 March 2018 for three years.

More information at: http://www.palais-decouverte.fr

infographie ces2018 hap2u

CES 2018 Adventure

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Hey everyone!
Two months ago, we were lucky enough to go to CES 2018 in Las Vegas! Here is a short overview of our experience, and how we worked before, during and after this event to make the most of it.

First things first, CES – Consumer Electronics Show – the event hosting presentations and demos of new products and technologies in the consumer electronics industry. It was the second year for us!

As you saw if you were following us on Twitter, it all started with a workshop. The entire team got together to brainstorm and imagine our booth. We were organized into small groups from different fields. Everyone was responsible to put themselves in the shoes of our different customers groups. It was a fun way to allow everyone to share their ideas and participate in the preparation of this major event.

The next 2.5 months were dedicated to creating all that we needed to present our new applications & products, from engineering, to marketing, to software. Time went by very fast, and everyone did their best to propose some awesome new stuff at CES!

Finally the show began, and the on-site team started the marathon: 5 days of showing our technology, meeting partners, being interviewed by press, and running everywhere.

According to one of the member’s activity tracker, we each walked about 50km (~30 miles) during our stay in Las Vegas. More than 1500 flyers have been distributed during the 37 hours of show. We met a lot of people, and each one was super-interesting. 330 of them spoke to us about an ongoing or future project, and we will be in touch. And of course, many of you followed and supported us on Twitter!

Back from CES, we have been inundated with questions and demands from all over the world. We did our best to answer to each one with the most accurate solution possible. Keep it coming!

CES was an awesome experience, exhausting but so instructive! Thanks again to all for your support and your great feedback!

Talk to you soon,