Frequently Asked Questions

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What is haptics?

The word “haptic,” from the Greek: ἁπτικός (haptikos), means “pertaining to the sense of touch.” Haptic technology recreates the sense of touch by applying force, vibration, or motion to the user.


What is the founder’s background?

After a PhD in the MEMS area, Cédrick Chappaz, CEO worked for more than 10 years in STMicroelectronics, a key player in the semiconductor market. He is author & co-author of more than 50 publications in the field of MEMS for mobile devices and inventor and co-inventor of 13 patents.


Where can you meet the team?

Most of our employees are based in Grenoble, France. We also have an office in Taiwan and in the next years we will be expanding to other countries. We welcome teams who want to discover our technology, touch it and move forward with a project.


What is hap2U’s expertise?

The team brings complementary expertise in material science, haptics, acoustics, embedded systems, electronics, software development, and user experience to allow users to touch and feel what is on their screens.


What is tactual perception?

Tactual perception refers to every type of sensation related to the sense of touch. It is based on pressure, friction, temperature. Hap2U’s solution is based on friction modulation.


How does hap2U technology work?

Piezo actuators generate ultrasonic vibrations on a glass screen and modify the friction of your finger. We synchronize the vibration with the position of the finger, enabling the user to feel what’s on the screen.


What is a piezoelectric actuator?

It is a component that converts an electrical signal into a precisely controlled physical displacement. At hap2U we use the electric field effect – the component stuck to the cover glass will contract or expand in order to deform the glass.


What is the Haptic Creation Tool?

The Haptic Creation Tool is a unique creation of our developers. It is a user-friendly interface designed for non-experts that lets you create your own textures and touch feedback.  With this software, pre-installed on the Xplore Touch, users are autonomous in building their own haptic feedback canvases and human machine interface applications.  All that’s needed is a little creativity to enrich the user experience with haptics!

From 0 to 12 employees in 2 years

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Constituting a team is not an easy task.

When I started in the company, only a few people were working at hap2U. Internal communication was quite easy as we were all working in the same room. Meetings were mainly informal, and decisions taken in a short time. But with the team growing quickly, we had to move to another office and adapt our organization.

I think that one of the first challenges you face when you grow your team, is internal communication. Everybody in the company doesn’t have to know everything. The challenge is to select relevant information to not saturate people with too much detail. We decided to start every week with a weekly meeting based on information sharing about technical improvements, projects, and business developments. The idea is to share only relevant information for everybody and do not last too long. We try to formalize internal meetings and improve our communication inside the company.

Another point to consider is to have a good work environment. Since the very beginning, hap2U is like a big family. We all know each other very well, we share time outside of work hours, we help each other. As a small team, we pay attention to new employees’ personality, to check cultural fit.  The well-being of employees is a major preoccupation within the company. We try to spend time together not only to work but also to have fun and… to eat! We celebrate “TGIF” with a delicious breakfast every Friday morning.

As you may know we are currently hiring. I spent some time talking with our CEO, here is what he has to say:


A word from our CEO Cédrick Chappaz 

  • How different is the hiring process of a startup as compared to big companies?
    • In a startup, relationship is a key success factor. So we need to take into account personality as well as skills.
  • The most important human value you look for when you’re hiring?
    • Altruism: Think as a team before as an individual.
  • Tips you wish you knew before you launched your startup?
    • How much it’s really important to know yourself. How far are you ready to go? What are the things you are ready to sacrifice and what not.
  • Where do you see hap2U in 2 years?
    • Hap2U is aiming to become a leader in the HMI area. Headcount in the team will represent between 40 – 50 people. I hope hap2U will become a reference of economic success and teamwork.
  • How do you define your startup culture?
    • Be positive, be open to change…and humility.
  • What gets you out of bed in the morning?
    • My alarm! … and the conviction that each day is a new one with its challenges, its defeats…and its victories!
What do you feel with hap2U technology

How does it feel when you touch hap2U technology?

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It is very difficult to explain the kind of feeling you experience with hap2U haptic technology.

You have to touch it to understand how it feels. Many people ask us if it is like touching textures or real buttons. But it is not. It is something new, different than everything you have ever experienced before. In order to put words on this feeling, I asked a few people outside of the company to share their experiences with hap2U technology.


Micah Murray – Cognitive neuroscientist at University of Lausanne

“The device impressively provides a haptic image that one can actively explore with a fingertip. The sensations and textures are convincing and can convey a clear impression of an object’s surface that one can moreover manipulate with a high level of precision even in the absence of any visual feedback.”


Vincent Blech – Museography, Universcience

“It was surprising at first. It felt almost strange, funny. Then I thought “Wow! They really did it!” and I wanted to touch and explore more: what else can they do with it? How accurate is it? How realistic is the sensation? What if I close my eyes? In the end, I wanted to forward to the future and see fully achieved applications.”


Philippe Wieczorek – Director, Software Department, Minalogic

“I heard about Hap2U for the first time a while ago, when the company was founded. At that time the concept was promising, but I only realized the potential of the technology when I experienced it at CES 2017 – you definitely should try to touch the fish – or the chameleon, the updated version of the demo – and feel the whaoo effect. Hap2U technology is clearly a game changer with hundreds immediate applications and thousands more yet to invent !”*


Francois Modarresse, VP Media Practice, EAEC

“I had some background with haptics since my days in the gaming and mobile industries. But hap2U brought that experience to a whole new level. Device makers, app developers, get the creative juices flowing: there is quite a new tool for you.”


Emily Huschen – Director of Marketing & Business Development, hap2U

“I remember the first time I tested a prototype sometime in 2016. I didn’t quite understand what was happening underneath my fingertip, some static electricity or vibration?  But after a few minutes, and other demos tested, I was sold on the idea and convinced of its potential.  So much that I joined the team in July 2017!”


Stevie Wonder at CES 2018, Las Vegas

“This is great.”


Eric Vezzoli – CEO, Go Touch VR

“the first time I tested ultrasonic technology was back in 2013. I was in the university lab for the interview for my PhD, and it was the first time that I could really test a Haptics technology. I was literally blown away the first time I touched it from the possibilities that such a technology could bring in real world applications. From that time, I was obsessed with Haptics”


Margot Coïc – Universcience

“It was surprising and tickling. The stimulus is strong and it gives materiality to the image.”

Meet the team!

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We believe that a start-up can succeed with a cohesive team focused on a common goal. I was lucky enough to join hap2U a few months after it was founded, when even Google had not heard of us. As the third recruited employee, I’ve had the opportunity to discover (almost) every employee from their first day in the company. I will try to describe these crazy people (crazy about work of course) who share my everyday life.

The official bios are available on the Team page of the hap2U website. Here, you’ll find more personal presentations.


Embedded Systems Engineer

Musician during the week-end, Mickael brings rhythm and melody to hap2U’s technological development. Signal generation holds no secrets for him, nor do the 6788 plants (and their gnats) he loves and cares for in our office. Mickael is never out of ideas when it comes to answering innovation challenges.

Trivia: Mickael can make you home-made terrariums, do not hesitate to contact him on Instagram @mck_cobi.


Software Developer

Tom used his designer skills to develop hap2U’s first application with haptic effects. The world’s first haptic fish… That’s all his creation! The Haptic Creation Tool, the first tool allowing to create textures on a screen … That’s also his creation! He is constantly pursued by his fans, but he’d rather spend his time surrounded by his cats.

Trivia: Tom is our official Kinder Bueno and Strawberry Tagada provider.


Research Engineer

Calm and wise are two words that define Matthieu pretty well. Those are important qualities for this acoustic expert who is constantly listening to the waves emitted by our haptic slabs. A true researcher, Matthieu offers his knowledge to hap2U’s technological development and never misses an opportunity to discover new ways to integrate our technology into touch surfaces.

Trivia: If you’re wondering why hap2U needs an acoustic expert, visit our Technology page.


Software Developer

Before finding his true passion for software, Baptiste developed his voice -  he is known as hap2u’s best singer, always ready to use his beautiful voice during informal blind tests over the lunch break. But Baptiste is above all an unlimited source of information about software, IT-security and HMI, always ready and able to give his expert advice to his colleagues.

Trivia: Makes homemade croissants and pains au chocolat for the team on Friday mornings.


Marketing & Business Development

Don’t be fooled by her perfect French accent (except for pronouncing the word “Ecureuil”), Emily is coming straight from the US with the American ambition to make hap2U thrive. She defines the marketing strategy, build processes, manages projects, closes sales, negotiates…but above all, Emily knows how to lead her team, empowering them and advocates for personal development and fulfilment.

Trivia: Emily has initiated her colleagues to green smoothies and zucchini brownies.



Cédrick founded hap2U two years ago, hired about fifteen people and raised the funds to make hap2U successful. He is a very attentive and positive manager, who has never stopped believing in his project, and brings all of his energy to hap2u’s success. (By the way, he should think about taking some vacation!)

Trivia: Dreams about becoming Jean Dujardin in OSS 117. His motto is: “s’agirait de grandir” and “Habile…”


Electronics Engineer

Hap2U’s haptic technology is not possible without his hard work in electronic customization. He focuses on the Xplore Touch’s electronics and is constantly looking for new developments (between flights to go kitesurfing). A soldering iron in hand and a spark in his eyes, the lab holds no secrets for him anymore.

Trivia: Bruno has been spotted sleeping in his van, in hap2U’s parking lot.


Electronics Technician

In spite of his young age, we call him hap2U’s Macgyver - he never runs out of ideas and motivation. Technician, welder, LED manufacturer, sales person, stand designer, and 3D printing expert, he can manufacture a development kit in 20 seconds and swim to Taiwan via the Pacific Ocean.

Trivia: Simon has been spotted at 3 am in pyjamas at hap2U’s office


Digital Marketing & Communication

With a background in architecture and graphic design and impassioned by illustrations, Célia brought her delicate brushstroke to hap2U’s communication. Her geek-like tendencies allow her to closely coordinate with the software developers on user experience improvements.

Trivia: She largely dominates her colleagues at Minecraft


Business Developer (based in Taiwan)

With a background in engineering, Rémi is the expat, developing hap2U business in Asia. Rémi quickly adapted to the Asian market and perfected his skills in sales and marketing to create targeted offers for the consumer electronics market.

Trivia: Rémi is looking for a champagne and cheese supplier in Taipei.


Marketing & Business Development

As the first marketer recruited to the team, I had the great “pleasure” to annoy my technical colleagues with strategy, business, sales, communication, logo… and other mysterious things for engineers. But I hope that I have built the foundations of hap2U’s marketing success.

Trivia: I have an alarming addiction to bread.

I hope you enjoyed this team description! If you want to join us, follow the link :

Xplore Touch at Palais de la Découverte – the Science Museum of Discovery in Paris

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On Sunday, 11 March 2018 the exhibition dedicated to computer and digital sciences (Espace Informatique et Sciences du Numérique) was inaugurated in Paris.

This permanent exhibit is dedicated to data, algorithms, codes, and machines; the main foundations of information technology. Other subjects linked to digital sciences and based on IT are also addressed: big data, machine learning, robots, and networks.

Hap2u is proud and honored to have been selected to exhibit the Xplore Touch, which illustrates the future of user interfaces.

The Xplore Touch is displayed on the technology stage, which aims to showcase how digital sciences will be integrated into the future products we use every day.

         At the exhibition you will discover other disruptive technologies, such as "LiFi by Lucibel,” a light-based Internet access solution and “Fluid” System, a touchless medical image navigation solution, based on gesture controlled and developed by Therapixel.

Come discover hap2U, Lucibel, and Therapixel technology at this very exciting and highly relevant exhibit, for young and old, from 13 March 2018 for three years.

More information at: