Daimler invests in Hap2U

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Hap2U to further develop the future of haptics

Hap2U & Daimler are now working together to create the future of haptics and to drive forward the commercial adoption of its innovative technology. Convinced by the hap2U technology, Daimler becomes a preferred partner and a shareholder of the French startup.

The relationship between Daimler and Hap2U extends beyond financial investment: The two companies are collaborating on applications of Hap2U technology.  Through these collaborations, Hap2U is developing new human-machine interaction (HMI) capabilities and advancing its expertise in transferring the technology to commercial manufacturing processes.

Cédrick CHAPPAZ, CEO & co-founder of hap2U comments: “We are delighted to have this partnership and investment from Daimler because we share the same vision: that haptics will become an essential feature for touch interfaces. Our goal is that everywhere there will be a touch interface, there will be hap2U technology inside. The hap2U technology has already received attention from some big names in consumer electronics, industrial controls, aerospace, retail technology and automotive markets.  The additional funding will provide us with more capacity to meet this demand.”

After initial seed funding in May 2016, hap2U has now completed its Series A funding round, with Daimler backing the company’s vision. The Series A funding enables hap2U to grow head-count in order to satisfy market demand for proof-of-concept and technology-transfer projects and enables accelerated development of new disruptive features of the technology.

Hap2U, a startup based in Grenoble, France, was founded in 2015 with the vision that our interactions with the machines that surround us could be enhanced by encompassing the sense of tactile feeling.  Touch-screens, touch-pads and other control surfaces are everywhere: in our mobile, our cars, our homes, airports, shopping malls, and also in industrial control applications.  While these surfaces may already respond to our touch, what our finger feels is only the same smooth texture of glass.  The haptic technology created by hap2U, makes it possible for application designers to present users with a variety of textures and tactile sensations, so not only can users see and touch something on the screen, but they can really feel it too.

The technology has clear benefits for augmenting the user experience in a multitude of consumer applications, and clearly also has specific value for the visually impaired.  However, the haptic feedback delivered by the technology also has significant value in control applications, including those where the operator’s eyes need to be focused on the task and not on the screen. Automotive applications, being both consumer-oriented and control applications, represent a sweet-spot for this technology. However, as the technology continues to mature, hap2U is enjoying working with clients across the full diversity of applicable market segments.

About hap2U

Hap2U designs patented technology to enhance experiences in the digital world by integrating the sense of touch in tactile devices. A new, haptic universe is now accessible with the world’s immersive and most reliable haptic technology, using materials and mature manufacturing processes from the semiconductor industry. Founded in 2015, hap2U has built on several years of research and development and has multiple global patents in hardware and software based on the science of haptics. The development team, based in Grenoble, France, brings complementary expertise in material science, haptics, acoustics, embedded systems, electronics, software development, and user experience to simplify, make more real and immersive the use of tactile interfaces.


Press release file

Full Press Kit


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This past month, there were many new arrivals at hap2U! Each newcomer brings their expertise and personality, creating the value of hap2U. We’re happy to welcome them all! Let’s make a quick presentation by arrival.

The official bios are available on the Team page of the hap2U website. Here, you’ll find more personal presentations.


Maxime joins us as an embedded system engineer, to work with Mickael. Together, they will continue to improve the firmware to develop new haptic digital textures. He loves to build robots for almost everything, but we’re still waiting for our little hap2U robot!

Trivia: He’s passionate about Japan.


Corentin is joining the marketing team as a product and sales manager for the Xplore Touch. He will collaborate with the team to improve the product and find new partners. He’s a compulsive traveler and has already visited many countries around the world.

Trivia: Don’t leave your post-it’s on your desk, he loves to play with them.


Franck is becoming the COO of hap2U. In addition to the financial part, he’s also going to oversee the project management to improve the way to work together. You’ll probably meet him if you sent us an application, because he’s going to manage HR.

Trivia: Don’t follow him, he has a terrible sense of orientation!


Anurupa is joining us to reinforce the acoustic team, which develops the acoustic R&D to discover new ways to integrate our technology into touch surfaces. She makes amazing simulations during the day, and awesome drawings at night.

Trivia: She has a weakness for ‘canelés’ (French pastry).


JB joins the marketing team as a product and sales manager for POC projects. He has a technical background which allows him to propose and manage our projects with both in mind: the marketing and the technical aspects.

Trivia: He’s preparing for a triathlon.


Thibaut reinforces the hap2U acoustic team with Anu as a research engineer. He’s coming from Paris to enjoy the mountains. He’s also doing awesome simulations, and music in the rest of his time!

Trivia: Play on words in French or in English, nothing scares him!


Mark to joins us from UK as marketing director and business developer director. His technical background & his marketing experience will help him develop the marketing strategy and offer of hap2U.

Trivia: For Mark, every Friday is French Friday!

Official pictures and descriptions to complete our team page will come soon!

Upcoming Events

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Hey guys !

Today, let’s do a little overview about the next events for hap2U !

This week, Rémi is participating at Computex-Innovex, an event based in Taipei. COMPUTEX TAIPEI, the largest B2B ICT tradeshow in Asia, established a new exhibit area in 2016 called InnoVEX, creating a platform specifically for tech startups to network with global buyers, investors, and manufacturers.

In a few weeks, Matthieu & Baptiste will be present at Eurohaptics 2018 in Pisa, Italy. The Eurohaptics 2018 conference will provide researchers from academia and industry with an opportunity to present ideas and establish contacts with other haptics researchers from around the world. Hap2U will show its development and demo kit, the Xplore Touch. You can test our technology, and we are free to exchange with you about it!

We’ll also be present at the “Journées Acoustique et Microsystèmes : JAM2018” the 20th and 21st June in Le Mans, France. Matthieu will meet researchers, engineers, technicians and students in acoustic and vibrations. We’re really excited to discover the most recent innovations of this field. We’re ready to show you our latest technology as well!

From 9th to 11th July 2018, we will be present at the European Workshop on Acoustic & Mechanical Metamaterials in London. This workshop, co-organized with the support of the acoustics.ac.uk and the GdR META-FRANCE, aims at gathering European partners, academic or industrial, to discuss and exchange views on acoustic and mechanical metamaterials. Hap2U will participate at the workshop to exchange and discover new ideas about acoustic & mechanical materials.

Hap2U has been selected to participate at DeepTech4Good the 11st July in Paris. DeepTech4Good is an acceleration program, financed under the Horizon 2020 framework. It is committed to identify high potential Deep Tech startups in 4 domains: Health & Well-being, Industry 4.0, Smart Mobility, Smart City. Hap2U will present its technology in Smart Mobility. We’ll be glad to meet you in Paris !

If you will be attending any of these events, let us know so we can meet you!

What is deep tech ?

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Some of you may have already heard about this word: deep tech. It seems trendy, and many technology start-ups talk about it. But in the end, its meaning is blurred. So…what is deep tech?

Deep tech refers to disruptive & innovative technologies which are changing our everyday behavior, our user experience. It’s not new; for example, personal computers or ebooks were disruptive. These days, many new innovations are emerging like augmented reallity, virtual reallity, big data, artificial intelligence, nanotechnologies and haptic technologies, to cite a few.

Deep tech companies have a more scientific approach than classic start-ups. They work closely with laboratories through partnerships to create new technologies. Many innovations have been created in laboratories. But researchers need economic and insdustrial partners to develop their ideas. It’s a win-win partnership: companies are testing the markets, and researchers are working on R&D in laboratories.

Hap2U can be considered as a deep tech start-up: we develop a new haptic technology which is changing the way to interact with tactile surfaces. We work in partnership with laboratories specializing in haptics to improve our haptic technology every day. Researchers can work on our demonstration and development kit, the Xplore Touch, to test their assumptions.

Still have questions about deep tech? Let us know!

Time to look back

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Hey guys!
Time to look back and see what has happened on our blog this past 2 months!

We’ve published 12 articles (written by five of us), with several themes like events, haptics, the hap2U life style and team. You’ve seen 713 pages of our blog in less than two months! It’s a great pleasure for us to be read by so many of you!

To remember – or discover some you haven’t read – below all the articles :
– Welcome to our blog
– CES 2018 Adventure
– Xplore Touch at Palais de la Découverte – the Science Museum of Discovery in Paris
– Haptics innovations at CES 2018
– Meet the team!
– Discover a synthesis of our adventure at #CES2018 with this short clip !
– Minimum Viable Processes = The Right Balance of Formal and Informal
– What is haptics?
– Say “Hi” to our Xplore Touch
– Disruptive technology & hap2U
– Meet Rémi in Taiwan!
– How does it feel when you touch hap2U technology?

For our next articles, we want to continue to talk about the technology, but also our type of business and our markets. We’re always really interested in your opinions, so let us know if you have some questions or if you have some ideas for the next articles!

Read you soon!

Disruptive technology & hap2U

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Hey guys!

Here we are again! Today, we’re going to talk about disruptive technologies, something you probably have already heard about!


Disruptive technology, what is it?

A disruptive technology or disruptive innovation creates new markets or completely changes an existing market by modifying the way users interact with the products and/or services. It could also create a new need with a completely new product. It’s linked to the user experience and how people interact with their environment. These innovations are created by companies, laboratories or even individuals. For example, personal computers, smartphones, and LCD displays have been disruptive technologies.


Some disruptive technologies in 2018

In 2018, we have already seen many disruptive technologies in several fields that promise to change our lives:

  • Artificial Intelligence (bots, algorithms)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Renewables and Clean Energy
  • Smart Health Tech
  • Immersive Experiences (AR, VR, mixed reality)
  • Haptics


What about hap2U?

We work on a technology based on ultrasonic haptics, which modifies the friction of your finger to create a textured haptic feedback. Our technology brings the sense of touch to any tactile surface. Just by tapping or sliding your finger on the screen, you feel like you are turning a real knob, pushing a real cursor and perceiving various textures. You’ve probably never felt something like it before, but just imagine how it could change the user experience for the smartphone, industrial controls or automobile navigation, for example. We don’t know all of the possible uses yet, and we need your imagination!


What if it was you who created the next disruptive innovation?

What is haptics?

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Hey guys!

Today, we’re going to talk about technology, but don’t panic, it will be simple enough! Many of you frequently ask about haptics and try to understand what hap2U is all about. I tried to explain as simply as possible.


Haptics, what does it mean?

The term “haptics” is used to designate any form of interaction involving touch (for example, haptic perception means recognizing objects through touch). It also includes communicating through touch and technologies that bring the sense of touch to users. Touch has 3 primary dimensions: thermal (feeling of warm / cold), hardness (pressure, density) and texture (friction).


What about haptic technology?

When we talk about haptic technology, we are referring to the technologies recreating the sense of touch in a user interface by applying force, vibration, motion and other feelings to provide information to an end user. You have probably also heard about “haptic feedback.”


Why is “haptics” a trend?

You may have noticed, with Apple’s Taptic Engine, a lot of media talk about “haptics” and “haptic feedback.” Many industries are looking for this type of technology to improve the user experience of their products. Some haptic feedback already exists: for example, when your smartphone vibrates to confirm an action and interact with you, it’s a specific form of haptic feedback. It’s a constantly-evolving science, and many types of haptic feedback are being developed… or don’t exist yet!


What about hap2U?

We work on a technology which modifies the friction of your finger to create a textured haptic feedback. Our technology brings the sense of touch to any tactile surface. Just by tapping or sliding your finger on the screen, you feel like you are turning a real knob, pushing a real cursor and perceiving various textures.

I hope it’s now more understandable for you; it wasn’t so difficult after all? 😀


Coming soon:
– Haptic technologies, what are the differences between them?
– Disruptive technology, what’s involved?

infographie ces2018 hap2u

CES 2018 Adventure

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Hey everyone!
Two months ago, we were lucky enough to go to CES 2018 in Las Vegas! Here is a short overview of our experience, and how we worked before, during and after this event to make the most of it.

First things first, CES – Consumer Electronics Show – the event hosting presentations and demos of new products and technologies in the consumer electronics industry. It was the second year for us!

As you saw if you were following us on Twitter, it all started with a workshop. The entire team got together to brainstorm and imagine our booth. We were organized into small groups from different fields. Everyone was responsible to put themselves in the shoes of our different customers groups. It was a fun way to allow everyone to share their ideas and participate in the preparation of this major event.

The next 2.5 months were dedicated to creating all that we needed to present our new applications & products, from engineering, to marketing, to software. Time went by very fast, and everyone did their best to propose some awesome new stuff at CES!

Finally the show began, and the on-site team started the marathon: 5 days of showing our technology, meeting partners, being interviewed by press, and running everywhere.

According to one of the member’s activity tracker, we each walked about 50km (~30 miles) during our stay in Las Vegas. More than 1500 flyers have been distributed during the 37 hours of show. We met a lot of people, and each one was super-interesting. 330 of them spoke to us about an ongoing or future project, and we will be in touch. And of course, many of you followed and supported us on Twitter!

Back from CES, we have been inundated with questions and demands from all over the world. We did our best to answer to each one with the most accurate solution possible. Keep it coming!

CES was an awesome experience, exhausting but so instructive! Thanks again to all for your support and your great feedback!

Talk to you soon,