From 0 to 12 employees in 2 years

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Constituting a team is not an easy task.

When I started in the company, only a few people were working at hap2U. Internal communication was quite easy as we were all working in the same room. Meetings were mainly informal, and decisions taken in a short time. But with the team growing quickly, we had to move to another office and adapt our organization.

I think that one of the first challenges you face when you grow your team, is internal communication. Everybody in the company doesn’t have to know everything. The challenge is to select relevant information to not saturate people with too much detail. We decided to start every week with a weekly meeting based on information sharing about technical improvements, projects, and business developments. The idea is to share only relevant information for everybody and do not last too long. We try to formalize internal meetings and improve our communication inside the company.

Another point to consider is to have a good work environment. Since the very beginning, hap2U is like a big family. We all know each other very well, we share time outside of work hours, we help each other. As a small team, we pay attention to new employees’ personality, to check cultural fit.  The well-being of employees is a major preoccupation within the company. We try to spend time together not only to work but also to have fun and… to eat! We celebrate “TGIF” with a delicious breakfast every Friday morning.

As you may know we are currently hiring. I spent some time talking with our CEO, here is what he has to say:


A word from our CEO Cédrick Chappaz 

  • How different is the hiring process of a startup as compared to big companies?
    • In a startup, relationship is a key success factor. So we need to take into account personality as well as skills.
  • The most important human value you look for when you’re hiring?
    • Altruism: Think as a team before as an individual.
  • Tips you wish you knew before you launched your startup?
    • How much it’s really important to know yourself. How far are you ready to go? What are the things you are ready to sacrifice and what not.
  • Where do you see hap2U in 2 years?
    • Hap2U is aiming to become a leader in the HMI area. Headcount in the team will represent between 40 – 50 people. I hope hap2U will become a reference of economic success and teamwork.
  • How do you define your startup culture?
    • Be positive, be open to change…and humility.
  • What gets you out of bed in the morning?
    • My alarm! … and the conviction that each day is a new one with its challenges, its defeats…and its victories!

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